Welcome to the Montana Schools Property and Liability Insurance Plan –

Administrated by the Western States School Insurance Program since 1998

The MSPLIP program continues to be the leader in school insurance in Montana, currently serving over 220 school districts in the state. For the past 19 years, our mission has been to provide the most comprehensive and competitive property and liability program for Montana schools.  Our program carefully studies the insurance needs of Montana schools and has an entire staff dedicated to assisting members to ensure proper insurance coverage.  The program offers many services to help schools manage and prevent future insurance claims.  Some of these services include:

  • Specialized insurance programs managed by professionals with over 90 years of insurance and school experience.
  • Customized in-district risk management site evaluation.
  • Risk management in-service training for staff and administration.
  • Association and convention presentations regarding potential school loss areas.
  • Annual steam boiler inspections.
  • Monthly newsletters and articles provided to members regarding insurance related topics.
  • Liability release forms specialized for all school activities.
  • Contract review prior to signing all facility contract agreements
  • Dedicated in-house claims administration.
  • Free bus driver-training to all member drivers and contract drivers through SafePUPIL.

MSPLIP  is dedicated to providing the financial protection your school district requires at a premium designed to protect your limited financial resources.